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Jewelry Care

General Jewelry Care

  • After purchasing any piece of gemstone jewelry, I would recommend looking up the stone to see how fragile it is and if it is water safe.
  • Wire-wrapped jewelry is more fragile than other types of jewelry, and even though I make all my pieces as sturdy as possible, I would still recommend being careful with them.
  • Do not use chemical jewelry cleaner on any pieces purchased from me! For pieces that may need cleaning, I include a complimentary polishing cloth that should remove any surface tarnish from metals like silver and copper.


Tarnish Resistant Wire

This wire is made with silver / gold plating over copper wire with a tarnish resistant coating. I have made myself many pieces with this wire and tested it against everything I could think of, and it held up wonderfully. Although I never recommend getting my jewelry wet, I have worn pieces made with this wire for weeks straight (showered & slept in them too) and seen no change. If you want to keep them in the best condition possible, I recommend limiting exposure to water, chemical jewelry cleaner, and products like perfume and lotion.


Stainless Steel Chains

After years in business, I have tested out more chains than I can count, and the stainless steel / gold-plated stainless-steel chains are the best quality I have come across. I’ve worn these chains in the ocean and they didn’t tarnish or rust, after a week at the beach they were just as shiny as ever. They are also ridiculously strong; I have pulled on them as hard as possible and they refuse to break. The only part I have ever seen damaged are the jump rings that connect the chain to the clasp. They are also very high quality, but since they are not soldered shut, they may open if too much stress is put on the chain. If that ever does happen, you can easily repair it at home with any kind of pliers (or your fingernails and a bit of determination).



Copper wire will tarnish over time with exposure to elements, water, and skin contact, but the effects can be minimized with proper care and cleaning. If the piece has already been oxidized and polished, the effects of tarnishing should barely be noticeable, and a quick polish will have it looking like new! I would recommend avoiding contact with water, perfume, and lotion to keep this piece in its best condition, but if that is not an option, it can be cleaned up with the included polishing cloth.


.925 Sterling Silver

Sterling silver may tarnish over time with exposure to elements, water, and skin contact. This can be minimized with proper care (like avoiding contact with water and perfume) and cleaning. Each sterling silver piece comes with a cleaning cloth to help keep it in the best condition possible. The wire I use is solid .925 sterling silver and should hold up for generations if taken care of properly. The sterling silver chain I use is not solid silver, but plated, meaning it has a layer of genuine sterling silver on the outside but may need to be replaced after several years of wear.


14K Gold / Rose Gold

Genuine 14k gold fill gold should not tarnish, but to keep jewelry in the best condition possible, I would recommend minimizing exposure to water and products like perfume, lotion, and chemical jewelry cleaner. Proper cleaning helps too, which is why I include a cleaning cloth with all precious metal pieces purchased from my shop. The wire I use is 14K rose gold filled, meaning it should last decades if taken care of properly. The chains on the other hand are 16K gold plated and may need to be replaced after several years of wear.



If you would like to keep the fire in your opal looking like new, do not expose it to water of any kind. If it is accidentally exposed to water and loses some of its flash, a quick google search should be able to tell you how to repair it!